Sister Hazel Showcases for REG

Sister Hazel Showcases in REG Nashville Office

Numerous artists, newcomers and veterans alike, have honored and entertained our Nashville office crew with showcases. Recently, Ken Block (lead vocalist) and Andrew Copeland (rhythm guitar and vocals) of Sister Hazel delighted everyone at our new Nashville address with their chart toping hits and charisma. According to Michelle Romeo, “Drew and Ken were fantastic. Their chemistry as a duo was contagiously funny. It was fun to feel the nostalgia when they sang their hits. Their new music walks the line of country, rock, and adult contemporary.”


Many of us who follow charts, reach, and impact are aware that Sister Hazel has over seven hit singles including “All For You,” “Champagne High,” and “Your Winter,” songs on soundtracks and in feature films, and have a loyal fan base, the Hazelnuts. This success and die-hard followers have helped the group amass over 3,000 live shows and 3 million albums sold in their 23-year career.


What numbers do not tell us about a band is how easy or difficult they can be. We asked Travis Wolfe, Agency For The Performing Arts (“APA”) agent, what our clients can expect if they book Sister Hazel. “The guys in the band are some of the nicest in the business. They make it a priority to be super easy and leave a positive impression with everyone involved day of show. This isn’t just words, take a look at how they came up with their band name:”


Sister Hazel was an African-American woman who ran “Sister Hazel’s Rescue Mission” in Gainesville, Florida, during the 1970’s & early 80’s. This facility gave those who were down on their luck a safe place to stay warm, eat and regroup- regardless of age, race or beliefs. It is in this spirit of unconditional concern for all beings that the band chose to use her name.


To see a special message from Drew and Ken in a sizzle reel created just for REG and REG clients, please follow the link:

For any REG client interested in discussing Sister Hazel and their numbers more in depth, please reach out to your REG agent.