Old Dominion Proves Quadruple Threat

Numerous media outlets, including Taste of Country, Country Weekly, Music Times, and The Press Enterprise, have touted Old Dominion as a band of successful songwriters turned recording artists. While we have all heard hit songs penned by members of Old Dominion, such as Say You Do by Dierks Bentley, Chainsaw by The Band Perry, Sangria by Blake Shelton, and A Guy Walks Into A Bar by Tyler Farr, what media outlets fail to mention is that Old Dominion has a great live show and is easy to work with. Some of our clients have been fortunate enough to experience Old Dominion’s show first hand and have provided us with their feedback.

Tina Henn, a Boone County Fair Board Director in Albion, Nebraska, reported that the fair received “high comments about Old Dominion. The crowd loved listening to them and had a great time.” She also noted, “they put on an amazing show and had fun with the people…the most memorable moment was when they were done, they went in front of the stage and did selfies with a lot of people and talked to them.” Our other clients shared a similar experience. Keith Hatch, Last Chance Stampede Fairgrounds Manager in Helena, Montana, stated, “‘WOW!’ was the most common thing heard, ‘these guys are awesome.’” Laura Welch, Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator of the Canyon County Fair in Caldwell, Idaho, said, “[Old Dominion] had a ton of energy and made the most of the show – it was a ton of fun!”

While crowd reaction and reception is of upmost importance, we know how much more enjoyable an event can be for organizers when an act is pleasant to work with. In regards to Old Dominion, Keith Hatch reported, “all interaction with the crew and band was very positive.” Laura Welch said, “The guys were a lot of fun, easy going, and very easy to work with. Some of our staff escorted them around the Fair on carts and they even got breakfast out of our fair concession stand. We were impressed with how friendly they were and how open and fun they were during their meet and greet. Some fans even took ‘silly’ photos with them, which a lot of other performers won’t do.” Tina Henn similarly reported, “They were really easy to work with before the show. We even enjoyed watching them do yoga before the show, you never see that with a band.”

We are looking forward to Old Dominion’s upcoming show at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on August 3rd. In addition to catching an amazing live show, listen for the full album to be released this fall per Old Dominion’s management. It is sure to have clever lyrics and catchy hooks.